SBK Company

Our company was founded in 1997 and specializes on providing  raw materials  for various chemical industries.


The geography of our suppliers includes Europe,  China ,  countries of South East Asia and America. 

We provide services of  products delivery  "from  door to  door" , directly from factory or from our warehouses in Moscow.  

Highly  developed logistics,  including  warehouses in Europe and  fully satisfactory ways of multimodal transportation abroad and on territory of Russia and CIS countries, allows us to provide  necessary raw materials to our clients in the shortest terms and at reasonable price. 

Besides delivery of products , our highly skilled managers  provide technical advise for  clients, and also  monitoring  the market of proposals and suppliers , so always  ready to  offer our buyers analogues of already used raw materials or  modern versions of these products.


We provide raw materials for the chemical Industry

•Alpha olefins,

•AlphaolefinSulphonate (AOS)

•Primary amine

•Tertiary amine

•Quaternary amine

•Ethoxylated amines

•Higher fatty alcohol


•Higher fatty amines




•Metallic stearate

•Glyceryl monostearate


•Antipyrene (fire-retarding agent)

•Rubber  EPDM

•Titanium dioxide

•Neodecanoic acid

•White oils

•Benzyl chloride

•Raw materials for household chemistry

•Raw materials for cosmetics

•Additives for processing of polymers